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Charcoal Geo padded outdoor playmat & swoop bag (1m +1.5m)

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The ultimate Baby gift or gift to your self! 

Whether you want a comfortable hygienic padded playmat or hate that your house is decorated with lost LEGO & toys our durable handmade mats will suit your needs.

You won't need to worry what surface you place this play mat on. The waterproof nylon backing will keep you baby high and dry! Also makes the play mat more hygienic especially when in use on public flooring. Great for camping, damp grass, cold concrete, hard tiling or decks.

Our padded playmats are made with a cotton upper, featuring black nylon waterproof backing and padded with 150gsm polyester wadding. This playmat comes with a drawstring edging in black tyo allow the mat to turn into a swoop bag. 

All our swoop play mats feature a two-way drawstring to limit the length of extra string when bag is closed (we recommend tying up the extra string as a safety measure). 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: See information that comes with your playmat,

I personally like to cold hand wash, gently hand wring and dry over a line. 

All items can be gift wrapped and sent directly to your friend or loved one. This item makes a wonderful baby shower gift or welcome to the world present.

Feel free to send us a message for more information on any style or fabric. See our Instagram highlights for videos about this product 




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