Naturebubz Play Gym / Pram Toys - retro vibes

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Babies LOVE to be visually stimulated! Especially before they are mobile and while they're still taking in all the sights and sounds that life has to offer.

These play gym / pram toys are the perfect accessory for your wooden play gym frame or to hook onto your pram while out and about!! 
The wooden rings on the beech wood beads make a gorgeous soft rattle when played with....
These come with a choice of ends (Silicone: Adore, Swiss Cross and Retro TV teethers and Beech: Ring and Camera)

Happy Shopping!

** NOTE: while these are intended to be used on a wooden play gym, they have been carefully designed to meet the mandatory toy standards for stand alone toys for under 36 months (AS/NZS 8124) and can also be used as independent teething toys. Dual purpose = winning!




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